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Regardless of the folklore, the following FACTS are known about the 1973 CJ5 Super Jeep...

The Super Jeep came in a choice of six colors. The Jetset Blue and Champagne White versions came with red and blue Super Jeep stripes and red and white vinyl seats.  The Butterscotch Gold, Daisy Yellow, Copper Tan and Fairway Green versions came with orange and white Super Jeep stripes and cinnamon and white vinyl seats.  The Super Jeep package also included a white vinyl padded dashboard, white padded sun visors, a curved chrome front bumper and L78x15 polyglass whitewall ties on white steel wheels.  The cost of these added features was $159. 

In addition to the package above, a Super Jeep had to have at least the 258 six cylinder engine (although the 304 V-8 was available as an option). There were also other “required options” including: heavy duty cooling, oil and amp gauges, rear bench seat, roll bar, passenger mirror, cigarette lighter, draw bar, front passenger safety rail, and a draw bar.

Orders were taken starting March 1, 1973 and production began on March 15. The Super Jeep was heavily promoted in May, June and July.  Dealerships were provided with lithographs of the Super Jeep that you see on the first page of this web site.

There were NO serial numbers associated specifically with the Super Jeep.

Reference:  1973 Super Jeep dealership promotion package.

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